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7 Layer Tea-cabin

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The first inventor of colour and layer tea in Banagladesh. You love to find here 2-3-4-5-6 & 7 layer colour tea. It’s inventor is ROMESH RAM GOUR whose former residence was at Muktagacha, Maymensingh. You are most welcome to taste it which will live with youa lifetime. This news of 7 layer color tea has already been published indifferent national dailes as well as in the Bangla Kagoj of England. Thispiece of news was telecast in different TV channels of Bangladesh and also in America, Canada, England, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other countries of the world.

Nilkantha Tea Cabin

Ramnogor Monipury Para (nilkontho 1)

14 Borader Gurd Battalon Canteen, Kalighat Road.(nilkontho 2)

Sreemangal, Moulvibazar (Sylhet) Bangladesh